List composed by Max Bell to the tune of…

People Like Lists (So Meta)
40 rappers who changed their names.
The 10 best lines from God Forgives, I Don’t. “Fabricate bout…” whatever, apparently.
50 best indie covers of classic rock songs. I’m partial to My Morning Jacket’s rendition of “Rocket Man.” Fun fact: It was co-written by Bernie Taupin.
P&P outlines Lil B’s self-marketing strategy.

People Ask Questions. Some People Answer.
Shayne Oliver wore a bunch of pink in the early-aughts. Now he designs clothes.
Big K.R.I.T. and El Producto go back and forth.
Lupe Fiasco talks about things.
Nelly visits the Morning Riot. Didn’t know he was a Beastie fan (peep the tee).
Rick Ross visits the Hot Boyz and talks about album leaks and Nas giving him game.
Tech N9ne rocks a Jim Morrison tee and talks about future projects.
Asher is changing his album title out of respect to Frank Ocean.
Ab-Soul clears up his comments about Obama and goes from light to dark.
Schoolboy and A$AP go back and forth. They’re also going on tour.
Big Sean says his verse on “Mercy” was initially a freestyle.
Wayne is on his Stevie Williams steez.
Rae talks about droppping OB4CL. OB4CL III might be on the way.
Chief Keef can’t explain his lyrics. I don’t think he needs to.
Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q interviews.
Eminem is working on music.

You Might Rip This
Iggy Azalea used to intrigue me. If this ends up on your Ipod, you don’t deserve one.
Jonwayne releases an album on cassette only. I think I still have my walkman around the house somewhere.
Some serious phonk from SteadyB and Nikolais Javan.
Potholes gives us Western Tink over an ill Silky Johnson suite.
Tink and Ricoo whip that white girl. But Kim Kardashian is Armenian. Ummm…
E-40 still makes music for your function.
Samples for that new Rick Ross album.
Cory Gunz gets help from AraabMuzik.
How did Yayo get the features for this?
Domo and Alchemist have No Idols.
Mookie Jones only smokes that…
A bunch of purple jams to celebrate the anniversary of that Raekwon thing.

You Might Watch This
Action Bronson makes zucchini blossoms. He also knows that if you put music on the computer you can become famous.
A trailer for a doc about Snoop Lion in Jamaica. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or spark one.
3 Kings video. You’ve seen all the footage before.
Rick Ross says the rest of the MMG lineup won’t hold him back.
Tyga directs a porno for his hit single.
The story behind Doom’s mask and a little more from KEO. I would listen to hours of interview with this cat.
Jonwayne has a song called Bukowski. He also gets handjobs from people on Craigslist.
Limousine cuisine from Psalm One, Sharkula, and ProbCause. The name of the track is your new favorite hashtag.
There will be a “Shame” video.
I don’t know if anyone freestyles anymore.
Why Masta Killa? Why???
Juicy J stops by GGN to co-host.
Be on the lookout for Andrew Lau.

Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Like and Shit
The 20 most stylish celebrity couples.
Lupe gets his philanthropist on.
How To Make Money Selling Drugs trailer. 50 and Em are in it.
Asher should get a sponsor. Or maybe just sign with Tecate.
JB reviews the Serengeti album. It’s good.
Mac Miller keeps getting sued.
Paul Wall made Lochte’s grill.
All of Ricky Rozay’s food references. Let’s see a Bronson list.
Adidas commercial for that loud as Jeremy Scott stuff.
What if Coolio and Chuck D had been switched a birth?
Rugs with your favorite rapper’s logo. I will be making an ill-advised purchase in the near future.
There are Wu-Tang tees at the Gap. My white ass needs to visit.

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