Son Raw has climbed mountains but owns no electric guitars.

Lots of interesting things happening on the margins in Montreal. A few months ago the Dubstep crowds and Bass-House kids couldn’t have been further apart musically, the former insisting on heavy-octane riffs and the later on a mix of 4×4 thumps and 10 year old Murder Inc hits. Trap has proven the great equalizer, a common denominator between increasingly segregated crowds: after all, we all partied to Ludacris’ stand up. And while the crowds remain in their own niche separated by language, age or fashion, the city’s producers are more free than ever to experiment and try out new ideas and audiences, with Lullaby being one fantastic result.

I already big up Hesk each and every so you should know the drill, but just to reiterate he’s easily one of Montreal’s best kept secrets, knocking out beats on the daily and improving at a furious pace. With some releases on some high-profile artist run labels in the future, it’s best to get familiar. Meanwhile, Thomas White is the new alias of a high-profile local Dubstep DJ wanting to try something new, letting go of the old sounds in order to keep his music forward thinking. Together, they’ve dropped a track that splits the difference between Hesk’s Footwork experiments and White’s recent Trap tunes: not quite either and more restrained than both but also banging on your system like a Ron G tape. If a tune powered by southern rap beats, detuned synth leads and speedy Chicago booty-drums could ever serenade an infant, this is it. And it sure as hell beats Skril-riffs and House drums if you ask me.

MP3 – Hesk & Thomas White – Lullaby (left click)

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