August 13, 2012

In which Ty Segall comes through stunning. This sounds like a John Lennon cover of Beck’s “Devils Haircut.” The ethereal acid-jangled vocals, snarling guitars, and pumping piston drums. When I interviewed Tim Presley of White Fence, he told me that he firmly believed that Segall was that dude. Of course, indie rock guys doesn’t use the word “that dude.” But the verbiage was close. I have faith in the durability and linguistic evolution of psych rock. After all, when I say Jack White last night at Outside Lands, he ripped four consecutive blues-tinted burners and addressed the crowd, “yeah, it’s like that.” We need never not say bro again.

And this is the way that it is. From his Hair record to his Slaughterhouse record (that murders Slaughtahouse on their own nomenclature), Segall is flipping traditional garage rock, punk and psych sounds in a way that’s reminiscent of White. Recombining the old forms with the energy of youth and the natural rewards of minor fusion. This sounds like something you’ve heard before, but it isn’t. It’s more evidence why Segall has next. Or as he phrases it on”The Hill:” here he stands, holding the strand.

Tune below the jump.

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