August 14, 2012

Son Raw’s sippin pepto bismol. Also that video’s got drugs and titties so NSFW.

Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas? These days the discussion around these parts goes Kendrick, Danny or Rocky… with Bam Bam Bronson and Freddy Gibbs getting nods for good measure. While there’s still plenty of scrubs getting media attention (save Nicky and Azealia Banks, none of those girl rappers will be around next year) it’s impossible to be mad at the rap scene when so much A-list talent is stepping up with a purpose. Not that Purple Kisses is a rap clinic or nothing, you won’t be confusing this one with Lyrics of Fury, but like Snoop, Jay and Tip before him, Rocky’s mastered the art of the nonchalant. Word to Guru, it’s mostly the voice: once you’ve got that all you need is a couple of 808 booms and some jazzy chords to set it off. A$AP Mob’s Lords never Worry drops in 2 weeks, Rocky’s physical debut 2 weeks after that. Its’ gonna be one of those New York autumns.

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