August 15, 2012

What hath Odd Future wrought? SpaceghostPurrp and A$AP Rocky too. Teenagers rhyming cadaverously over slightly screwed beats and beat-you-like-a-gong drums. If we were playing rap game words with friends, “Coffin” would be the game winner. This is post-rap says 16-year-old, Haleek Maul. He’s from Barbados, was broken by Fact Magazine, is managed by one of the Dominos from The Big Pink, and is putting out his next release through Mishka.

The rap writing world has become the NBA Draft circa 2004, loaded with untested teenagers who earn currency-less hype off a few cool songs or videos. No one enters the league fully formed anymore. You need a narrative, a gimmick, a striking video and watch them take off. Of course, “take off,” means a show at Santos Party House, a write-up in Fader then the New York Times (just in case, this is THE ONE), and you drop project after project until you’re replaced by another kid sponsored by Supreme (or 10 Deep or The Hundreds or…). Maybe you can earn a shitty 360 deal or at least a free skateboard.

In this bubble, Haleek Maul could be the next Andre Iguodala. Exotic name, strong promise, probably is destined to be overrated and traded for more value than he’s worth. But even an inveterate hater like myself can’t deny that he seems fairly poised for a kid who should just be learning how to drive a Dodge Stratus (ain’t nothing like a baller, baby). This cut is set to drop off his forthcoming (Aug 21) full length with Supreme Cuts, which should test whether he’s actually worth watching for. Deniro Farrar is on here and he continues his strong recent run. The guy always seems to be working with the right people. He could be a young Trevor Ariza.

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Download: (Via Steady Bloggin)
MP3: Supreme Cuts & Haleek Maul ft. Deniro Marrar – “Dummy”


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