Slava P wrote this while sipping Cabernet out of a Stanley Cup.

As part of TDE appreciation week, Schoolboy Q released a new, Kenny Beats-produced track titled simply, “Party.” Now, if I showed up to a party and saw someone who resembled Schoolboy Q posted up against the wall, I would show myself out faster than you can say ‘Piru’.

When Danny Brown makes a song about partying, I can almost see myself beside him, popping mollys as we get serviced by a toothless crackhead; when Schoolboy Q makes a song about partying, the closest I get is visualizing myself bopping my head along politely while wondering how many gang tattoos he has. That being said, this song has legs. The beat sounds like something that would manifest itself if grew a pair and locked himself in a room with nothing but scary clown dolls, and it provides the perfect background for Schoolboy to let loose staccato punches.

Standout bars include every time Schoolboy spells something out (11 instances in 3 minutes) and the part where Quincy calls out almost every single rapper rapping for “stealing Meek’s flow.” In addition, Q may be the only rapper that can talk about “looking like a walking kilo” before bragging about buying his daughter new winter clothes. Get this man a father of the year award.

In conclusion: the song is called Party, it’s about a party, it would sound good at a party, and hopefully, Schoolboy Q won’t read this and want to kill me.


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