August 22, 2012

The Underachievers continue to defy up the grunge-era slackerdom implied in their name. Or maybe not. I caught them at the Low End Theory last month and they proved that they were very real. It felt like the modern spawn of Artifacts, Camp Lo, and Souls of Mischief, though I imagine they will give a Kanye, “huh” at my Gen X name drops. Honestly, I’m kind of shocked that this group hasn’t been immediately ransacked and probed by the hype beasts. Flying Lotus already gave the co-sign, which usually means that at least Fact Magazine will write a effusive 47,000 word feature. Maybe they aren’t trapey enough?

Either way, “Leopard Shepherd” is more heat and it probably should be title of Wiz Khalifa’s new album based on that cover.

MP3 below the jump.

The Underachievers – “Herb Shuttle”

The Gold Soul Theory of the Underachievers

MP3: The Underachievers – “Leopard Shepherd” (Left-Click)

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