August 23, 2012

Winter encroaches whether we want it or not. Roc Marci understands this, so Reloaded stabs on November 13 just in time for the ice and tar to congeal in your lungs. At this point, the ex-U.N. member might be the most consistent rapper breathing. If he breathes. You get the sense that breathing would make too much noise and halt his ability to sneak up on his enemies.

“76” sounds like the approach of winter. The murder muzik of Prodigy and Havoc furthered to its unnatural end. It’s easy to gloss over his production ability at the expense of the instantly quotable lines: treating Lamborghinis like bumper cars, his head on top of a pyramid, he feels like Billy the Kid while you literally live like a guinea pig. The syllables are as carefully laid out as a presidential assassination plan. That beat though, a freak of 10 CC that exceeds even the one done by his mentor. Right now, only Roc can cook up winter in the summer.

Track below the jump, alongside a recent Roc/Gangrene cut from House Shoes’, Let It Go — which you can buy here.


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