September 10, 2012

100s – Slow Drip[Official HD Music Video] from Chito Floriano on Vimeo.

100s: for all those trapped in the 90s. Newports. Check. Doggfather-inspired cover. Check. Relaxed hair and pimp talk a la Rappin’ 4-Tay. Check. I’ve been bumping “Slow Drip” and “My Activator” pretty steadily since Steady Bloggin’ put me up on the 19-year old Berkeley rapper over the weekend. Unnaturally, I am partial to any album called Ice Cold Perm. We all have follicular dreams.

The note from 100s describes him as “a reckless young black man in the eyes of a broken society…100s has taken it upon himself to thrive. At 19 years old, he arrives a true student of the game: a living, breathing, smoking tribute to the long line of West Coast players.” Pimping to Bay Area rappers is like Cripping to LA rappers. This is smooth with it and that’s all it aspires to be.

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