September 10, 2012

File under: gulley, high school-aged Miami rappers far too young to know who Bush Babees and/or “Everything Zen” Bush are. Straight out of the YouTube wormhole comes Bush, whose name is virtually ungoogleable. Most of the kids doing post-Lex Luger trap can’t rap to save their life, but Bush deploys a fluid double-time in between boasts about he and his clique will kill you if you wander into the wrong corner of the swamp. A lot of people will probably write this off as just ignorant bamma music, but I think they’re wrong. This has far more in common with the low-budget, black and white unsophisticated-but-awesome videos I came up watching on Yo! MTV Raps. Teenagers wiling out in the hood clutching 40 bottles is the 5th Element of Rap Music. This is hard as Hell on Earth.

I don’t know much else about Bush except that he’s affiliated with Yung Simmie, who is is loosely tied to Spaceghost Purrp. Below the jump, I’m also posting the video for Simmie’s “Florida Nigga Mentality,” which is toxic enough to require hazmat suits. It has 30,000 views with almost zero media attention, which means that he is almost ripe for the dracula-ing.

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