Mobb Deen: Scoe – Thank You feat. Kendrick Lamar (produced by Jake One)…

Deen gives a first consultation free, but after that, it’ll cost you. You probably don’t care about my writing process, but allow my to bloviate a bit in the interest of providing...
By    September 14, 2012

Deen gives a first consultation free, but after that, it’ll cost you.

You probably don’t care about my writing process, but allow my to bloviate a bit in the interest of providing context. More often than not, there’s ONE very specific fact or point of interest that inspires me to write about a song or project. For instance, my inaugural post (of was inspired by my rapidly dissipating hatred of 2Chainz’s existence, while my last post was the result of being surprised that I was listening to a Philadephia rapper that wasn’t yelling at me. These points of interest serve to spur whatever it is you end up reading.

So what was the point of all that? Well, I only hit play on this because of Jake One. He’s long been one of my favorite producers (I played the fuck outta White Van Music) and he’s one of the cats on my “automatic listen” list. I was kinda hoping that he’d have some marvelous shit to top what I considered a tepid effort the last time I heard a Jake One beat, i.e., Rawse’s 3 Cheeses. But “Thank You” caught my attention immediately –after all, it’s a tribute to West Coast Rap legends – especially Dr. Dre.

The last bit is the part that pisses me off. Dre is Dre and Scoe isn’t peddling any mistruths here, but fuck that shit. Dre doesn’t deserve any more tributes mane. Like seriously – I’m all about paying homage n’shit, but I think new rappers are better off wasting their studio time on other endeavors. I mean, what the fuck are you trying to achieve by slobbering that gym-addled, wrinkly, non-rapping, non-producing, headphone-peddling ass nigga on wax? What good could possibly come of that shit? I have a number of possible scenarios in mind, but typing them out would be the blogging equivalent of making this song.

Speaking of the song, it’s actually a decent effort. I just can’t get past the fact that anyone would dedicate such a thing to Dr. Dre in 2012. What the fuck? He clearly gives negative fucks about rap America in 2012 and it’s been that way for a minute. How can you not be jaded at this point? Or at least indifferent? I pride myself on giving very few fucks, but I can’t front, the mere sight of Dre sans new/decent music leaves me upset every fucking time. I just want to take his stupid ass Air Force Ones off and Dee Barnes him to a pulp with those shits.

This fuckshit was probably Kendrick Lamar’s idea. This is the first time I’ve heard of Scoe and the last time Kendrick made any noise in my netspace, it was because he’d decided that working with Lady Gaga was a good idea. The common thread here is Kendrick Lamar. Scoe didn’t give him the idea to work with Gaga (I’m guessing that was Interscope, but that doesn’t really fit in with this rant) and he probably feel as if he owes Dre a good chunk of his current success. Fair enough.

Sucks for Scoe though, because he wasted a perfectly good beat with an ode to a nigga that doesn’t give a fuck about him (or anyone really). On the other hand, Kendrick deserves some credit for getting rid of this shit on someone else’s project. Lord knows that a Gaga feature leaves you very little room for error on a rap project. Just ask that dirty Nigerian fuck. Shit almost ruined his life for good.

So to sum up, I’m saying the following:

Don’t waste time writing Dre tributes. He doesn’t deserve that shit anymore and you can do better. Kendrick Lamar may be a dope rapper, but he’s probably a terrible human being. Or not. Try not to be influenced by terrible human beings.

You’re welcome…


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