September 24, 2012

Jimmy Ness has judged several semi-professional Twerk competitions.

Gangsta Gibbs is on a roll. The ex-train robber once dropped from Interscope has since carved a niche for those who prefer gritty street tales over label-endorsed lollipop guild rap. The Baby Face Killa has recorded an album, three EPs and at least a dozen collaborations within the past 24 months, but the quality remains unchanged. Neither has our sentiments.

Gibbs demolished last week’s weed anthem “Kush Cloud” alongside Krayzie Bone. The result was that the phrase “Mo Murda” sounded more potent than it has since E. 1999. Recent release “Go For It” is a leak from the project with DJ Drama that drops tomorrow, and it shows a lighter side of the typically sullen Indiana native.

Gibbs and Jeezy cover familiar territory, trading sexscapade stories and verses over a DJ Mustard/Mike Will-like ratchet beat Gibbs is more versatile than many street rappers, bringing his griminess to a strip club track without sounding out of place. You wouldn’t catch Freddie dancing on tables a la Sean Combs, but he wouldn’t be sitting unnoticed in the corner either. Like its spiritual predecessor, this could be a hit with a clean edit and proper promotion. But unlike Freddie’s taste in women, we prefer our music uncorrupted.

MP3: Freddie Gibbs & Young – “Go For It” (Left-Click)

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