September 24, 2012

Son Raw bombs the system

The history of London’s urban pirate radio is still murky and half-told with details only beginning to trickle out now that the format has mostly migrated to legal online locations. For those of us on North-American shores who’ve grown up in the hyper-commercialized Clear Channel era, there’s still something unbelievable about street kids hijacking the airwaves to play the music commercial stations wouldn’t. Rinse.FM’s ongoing series of interviews with station managers, DJs and emcees helps clear the air on this with the kind of stories that mirror the outlaw excitement of 80s graf bombers in New York or pioneering skate kids in California. Just as importantly, it helps re-affirm Jungle, Garage, Grime and Dubstep as urban music first and electronic music second. It’s that kind of pirate mentality the scene could always use more of as the focus becomes increasingly international, but for those of us who’ve seen a million and one Hip-Hop docs, this is a revelation.

Complete Rinse FM interview series

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