September 25, 2012

Antwon is making a serious bid to be the second greatest rapper named Antwon and potentially the best ever from San Jose. I don’t think he’s going to overtake Antwan “Daddy Fat Sacks” Patton, but he may if you’re a stickler for spelling. The only other rapper I’ve heard from San Jose is Charizma, whose Peanut Butter Wolf-produced debut was posthumously released on Stones Throw. If you don’t know the methods, spend some time in the YouTube ether.

In the meantime, overweight rappers sampling Suzanne Vega to create Indian Summer jams are my thing. Sorry if it’s not yours. The video for “Helicopter” is below the jump and it riffs on Steve McQueen’s Bullitt. Antwon also compares himself to Gregory Peck and shouts out Strawberry lemonade and Michael Bivins. He does not take himself seriously and raps good. I can endorse this.


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