September 27, 2012

This is just your normal video in which a champion teenage ice skater falls through the thin ice in a skating rink and ends up almost drowning in frozen water. Thankfully, she emerges from the arctic sea and winds up at a carnival where she declines to drink some slush puppies. Obviously, she is still  cold. When she is unable to win any stuffed animals, she walks into the woods and finds a troupe of hobo murderers who don’t kill her and instead give her a ride back home. She never takes off her skates because she is plucky.

When she gets home, the guitars crash into chaos and she starts soundlessly screaming in her room.  There is a wind machine (probably) and she looks very angry. She is probably still cold. I think there is also a Demi Lovato collage on her wall. It was a rough night.


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