Tosten Burks prefers “Speakerboxx” to “The Love Below,” not that it matters.

I shouldn’t feel an obligation to post Big Boi singles, but for some reason offering up this track from upcoming album, Victorious Lies and Dangerous Rumors feels morally satisfying. It’s not an underdog thing. Good music is good music, and less-than-good music is a waste of precious internet time, regardless of how many paragraphs you could go on about how underrated Sir Luscious Left Foot is. But “Mama Told Me” is also a joyous romp, if a little unsubstantial.

This is more of a historical thing. Outkast is the pinnacle of southern hip-hop. That means that Andre 3000 and Big Boi (and Organized Noise) are all the pinnacle of southern hip-hop. Their post-Outkast (don’t be silly, it’s over) careers all deserve the utmost attention. It’s just so interesting that the only party involved who receives this honor is the one who seems to give the least fucks about the fact.

This isn’t to discount the impressiveness of every news-making Three Stacks feature, but more to give credit where credit’s not just being obnoxiously demanded. Andre comes out of the woods to make people sing his praises again every four months. Big Boi stays on his album grind because he sees no reason to stop making music for his fans. This Kelly Rowland collab is the song of an aging artist trying to keep making money doing what he loves to do while still being very good at it. It’s bouncy and simple, but more importantly, Big Boi seems to have enjoyed making it. A basic guitar solo at the end of an eight-minute Rick Ross song is smug. Comparatively, “Mama Told Me” is a smile. Listen to it because Big Boi puts it out for his fans and not for himself. And also because he always had the fresher facial hair.

MP3: Big Boi ft. Kelly Rowland – “Mama Tell Me” (Left-Click)


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