Let the record show that Slava P coined the term: trailer park escape music.

Save Me Feat. M. Shadows & Synyster Gates
Introspective raps
about having slightly more
cash than you used to.

What I Do Feat. Bun B & Dubo
Sing song cockiness
and militant lyricals
with rent-a-Bun verse

Wild Boy Feat. Waka Flocka Flame
“Oh, its the same guy?”
asked everyone who was forced
into listening

Lace Up Feat. Lil Jon
Quest for relevance
by mashing juvenile puns
with crunk veteran.

Stereo Feat. Alex Fitts
Caucasian appeal
via indie samples topped
with angst ridden love

All We Have Feat. Anna Yvette
A Shady-lite jam
(Recovery-era Em).
Not a compliment.

See My Tears
Please see first haiku,
add a Hayley Williams clone.
Euro-thrash around.

D3mons Feat. DMX
Acronyms unite.
Deconstructed horror-core
brings bark without bite

Edge of Destruction Feat. Tech N9ne & Twista
Speedy rap roll call!
Does rhyming fast make you good?
Two-thirds of the time.

Runnin’ Feat. Planet VI
Horrible hook? Check.
Grating inspiration? Check.
Kellz is consistent.

Invincible Feat. Ester Dean
Label forced collab
unpopular with wresting,
also music, fans

On My Way
Please see first haiku.
Deep rooted causes for rap,
result: Rozay tour

End of the Road Feat. Blackbear
More examples of
escape trailer park music
and healthy self praise

Half Naked & Almost Famous
Crammed, angry folk-rap
with loaded laudatory.
Please see first haiku.

La La La
From condemning Wiz
for rapping about Mary
to this. Hypocrite.

Hold On (Shut Up) Feat. Young Jeezy
The lone recycle
bin save, due mostly in part
to Ross-washer

Warning Shot Feat. Cassie
This is Diddy’s fault.
Between both artists, there’s one
complete scalp of hair.



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