Madlib mixes aren’t smooth. He is a bug out DJ, a trickster out to lay traps. His blends can be smooth, but usually not. They’re more apt to take you on a tour of his mind, which can get as cluttered and stoned as his studio. For some people, this is a detriment. They want things slick as white sand. Madlib’s mixes are rain forest, lush and dense with foliage. Shouts of “Oxnard” and raps that fade in and out, far-flung exotic sound, fuck you dollar bin soundbites, unheard tracks, and whatever he grabs that’s lying next to him in the pile of records. They are always funky.

Carthartt radio procured a 45 minute flight from the Unseen to promote the MadGibbs Euro tour and it is available for free below the jump. Also, check the J Rocc Carhartt mix, because if I have learned anything, it’s that you should always listen to a J Rocc mix.

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