You can tell Max Bell is a pimp by the way his shirt fit.

Roc Marciano is never going to scream over a beat. He hardly ever gets above a whisper. There will be no “Backseat Freestyle.” Maybe you don’t like. Maybe you want harder drums and catchier hook. But Roc Marc doesn’t give a fuck. His success is habitual.

“Momma’s Song” has nothing to do with Marc’s mother.  The word ‘mother’ isn’t said once. Roc doesn’t need to. The message is implicit. His mom gave birth to him. He survived cold winters slinging dope. Now he continually gives birth to superior raps, “Momma’s Song” included.

Above all, this track proves that blues samples are Marc’s bread and butter. They serve as the perfect sonic backdrop when he’s taking out bell boys with a sweet potato silencer. The guitar licks and the organ somehow add a necessary level of melancholy that Roc’s unapologetic street-narratives. It’s the perfect balance. Rotting bodies in telephone booths aren’t just another one dead, but are something to reflect on. Or maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, Reloaded drops next month. “Momma’s Song” didn’t make the cut. Only Roc knows why. Regardless, it’s still that mountain-climber hard body boot shit. Or something like that. If you expect anything less, Marc will be at your front door with the biscuit.

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