Slava P is like the Where’s Waldo of Double Entrendres.

Abel Tesfaye was the feel good story of 2011, coming out of Toronto to hypnotize the world with his falsetto drug-crooning and tales of borderline rape. He parlayed these talents into a deal with Universal and an album release scheduled for later this year. All this in spite of the fact that his songs are one step away from just listing water soluble sedatives.

When the term “PBR&B” was coined to categorize artists like Miguel, Frank Ocean and How To Dress Well it was tongue-in-cheek, but the label couldn’t be more applicable when The Weeknd goes out of his way to sample The Smiths. Two thoughts: is The Weeknd the best “The” musical act of the last few years – and, aren’t all of the his songs technically, at their most basic level, called “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want”?

With his latest offering, “Enemy,” Abel continues to do what he does best by seductively crying on a rainy sample. The track isn’t scheduled to appear on The Trilogy which means it’s for promotional interests only, but with his latest speech during a New York concert, it’s interesting to wonder how much more Tesfaye has in the chamber. Apparently, the vocal cord stress that comes from being a male banshee caused Abel’s doctor to tell him to “slow down”, to which Abel quickly said “fuck that” before continuing on his international tour.

Hopefully The Weeknd will be able to continue his quest to sonically tickle every clitoris, but if his voicebox ends up bowing out before he’s ready at least he can seek solace in the fact that he’s done more for the messy dread game than Gunplay.


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