Son Raw has sea-legs.

At this point, I’ve run out of ways to express surprise at just how much Alchemist is killing it in 2012. Of course, he’s always been sick, but Boom-Bap producers aren’t supposed to deliver their best work 15 years into their careers, if only because they run out of samples. I guess the key is to make like Wu-Tang financial and diversify your bonds – this 80’s rock sampling mini-suite makes hi-def magic out of what otherwise might be chillwave fodder, resulting in Alc’s most laid-back instrumentals since his Curren$y collabo. Rhymewise, the rap-rolodex is stacked and if Big Twin sounds like the absolute last person you’d find in nautical gear, Bronson and Roc Marci seem perfectly at home. It’s been a good year for rap psychedelics.

MP3: Alchemist – Yacht Rock (left click)

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