Deen’s voting for Sosa.

Nicki Minaj confuses me on so many levels. From wanting to bang her, to being kinda disgusted by her, to  defending her music to straight shittin’ on it, Nicki has this observer halfway bi-polar. In my defense, it’s her fault. She made that really interesting album that started with about six decent rap songs then devolved into a shitty cocaine and mollyfueled EDM orgy. If she can’t decide on what the fuck she wants to be (other than really fucking rich), then I shouldn’t have to decide on how I feel about her music. Indifference, as Joan Collins once noted, is bliss.* Or maybe that was Jackie Collins. Or Harold Robbins. I dunno. I should read less smut.

My current reaction to this new effort is right in line with my long-standing indifference and confusion. The most interesting thing about it is that I actually clicked ‘play’ on that Soundclick link. As a brief aside, please allow me to confess that I pretty much listen to every Soundclick song ever. I don’t know if it’s the color orange or some sort of Pavlovian reaction to any and all Soundclick links, but I can’t help it. Seriously. This shit is beginning to ruin my time management skills. If you don’t believe me, take note of that fact that you’re in the middle of reading an indifferent post about a middling Nicki Minaj song. I’m spending actual time on this.

As I was saying before that tangent rudely interrupted me, the most interesting thing about “Freedom” is that it isn’t free. Wait. Sorry. Wrong blog. Fuckin’ election skress. Let’s try this one mo gain. The most interesting thing about this song is the breakbeat/drum sample that drives the beat. That’s rap nerd catnip right thurr. It almost makes the shitty synths tolerable. Almost.

Even with the bangin drums, the synths are so annoying that Nicki’s rapping sounds almost excellent in comparison. Maybe she’s doing that old Nas thing where the beat’s mehness forces you to listen to how dope the bars are. And I was kinda enjoying the bars until she did the whole “these bitches basic – instinct” thing. I thought we were done with the hashtag rap shit. SMH. Anywho, her earned (or unearned, depending on the day of the week) arrogance is on full tilt during this one and I don’t mind it. Add in her more than serviceable singing – which for the record, is easier to listen to than Mary J Blige post-Burger King chicken commercial, and I maybe could sorta kinda like this song.

ButI’m still not sure about that. I think I’ll come to a conclusion about this song in a later post. I need to reflect a bit more — by listening to better songs.

*Note – Joan Collins never actually noted that. At least not to my knowledge. But she seems like the litigious type to me. I know most of you are wondering “who the fuck is Joan Collins?” and my response to that is “shame on you.”


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