November 8, 2012

The third episode of the Shots Fired Podcast with myself and Nocando is now live. I’ll let the show description do the leg work: “On this week’s episode of Shots Fired, Jeff Weiss & Nocando discuss the phenomenon of ratchet. The duo talk about the many definitions of ratchet, Lil Boosie’s connection to the origin of ratchet, and countdown the Top 10 Greatest Ratchet Rappers of All Time. Plus, Jeff tells us his most ratchet story from his time covering Boosie’s murder trial in Baton Rogue. Free Boosie.”

In other self-aggrandizing news, Spin sent me to Alaska to explore the Anchorage music scene. The result is 5,000 words about good bands, weird rednecks, wild game, pristine glaciers, and meditations on isolation. You can read the article here.

MP3: Shots Fired — Episode 3: Ratchet

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