No one has been talking about Kid Ink’s “Dripping.” Probably because it is a rap song called “Drippin'” by Kid Ink. But if you heard it, you might have noticed that the beat is incredible and operates somewhere in a STD-free Valhalla between trap, jerkin’, ratchet, and every other weekly sub-genre that crops up to describe what a wise sage once called that “George Jetson futuristic shit.”

The producer is a dude named Khalief “K.B.” Brown, who has been ignored in the (rightful) rush to anoint Mike Will, Lex Luger, Hit Boy, and Mustard. “Drippin” has stayed a mostly regional hit, so Brown has yet to achieve the $20K a beat level. But if I had to guess, that is a foregone conclusion.

Quiet as kept, Brown recently released a Recycled Vol. 1 EP, compromised of instrumentals of tracks for Travis Porter, Kid Ink, Cyhi the Duke, and the jewelry connoisseur 2 Chainz. If they were released on Night Slugs or Mad Decent, they would create a feeding frenzy and KB would be rocking Hard Fest for white girls on molly. Instead, they appear free on his Soundcloud, where you can download them below the jump. If you are a DJ and do not mix these into your next set, you are losing. If I were wise, I would keep them to myself, spend all weekend practicing Serato, and then use them to ignite Twerk Festivals. But my last name is not spelling that way.


I Got It (UNRELEASED) [Prod. By Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

Labratory (UNRELEASED) [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

Cold As Ice by Cyhi The Prynce [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

My Team Winnin’ by Travis Porter ft. Wale [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

You Dont Know Bout’ It by Travis Porter [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

K.O. by 2 Chainz ft. Big Sean [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown & Josh Holiday] by PUSH-MUSIC

Drippin’ by Kid Ink [Prod. by Khalief “KB” Brown] by PUSH-MUSIC

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