There is a particularly inane acronym called “F.O.M.O” (fear of missing out) that people regularly quote in an attempt to convince themselves that it’s better to stay at home and watch “Downton Abbey.” I don’t have a television, but sometimes, you end up being lazy and staying at home because you assume that moments repeat themselves. But they usually don’t.

Austin Peralta playing Futura was one of those times where I told myself to schlep to Eagle Rock, but I didn’t, because I figured I’d be seeing him play music for the next 30 years. That was obviously wrong. Thankfully, the Brainfeeders taped his performance for posterity and it’s beautiful. An hour and twelve minutes of interstellar jazz, available for free download. An indelible document of Peralta’s gifts. Well worth wandering through this afternoon.

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Austin Peralta: Live at Futura by ALPHA PUP

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