November 28, 2012

Last month, I profiled Amanda and Britt Brown, the writer/weavers/wunderkinds behind 100% Silk and Not Not Fun. I forgot to ask Britt if his label’s name was inspired by The Simpsons, so on some level it was a fail. However, it was not a supreme fail because it confirmed what I already knew: that both imprints remain among the best in not just the city, but the entire country. I would wager that their space-disco is also better than the disco that you would find in space, but I’m sort of a homebody lately, y’know?

The latest single from 100% Silk is a celestial handbag house jam that makes me want to finally really teach myself to DJ so I can play this out and people can stare at me like, “WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PLAY BANDS A MAKE HER DANCE.” And the answer to that question: is every third song. But this is what I would want to play after 2 a.m. when the drugs are starting to wear off and you need the powers of a hypnotic groove to keep you going. That is, if I did drugs, which I don’t. Mom.

Check the A-Side below the jump. Buy the 12″ here.

Credit due to Simian Vs. Ursine

MP3: Magic Touch + Sapphire Slows – “When I See You”

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