Next week is the 20th Anniversary of The Chronic. If you’re old enough to remember copping the tape back in 1992, that sentence alone is enough to make you feel ancient. When I did an imperfect Internet survey five years ago, The Chronic ranked as the fifth greatest rap album ever. In last month’s LA Weekly Music Edition, editor Ben Westhoff compiles mostly unpublished interviews from some of the people behind the record. There’s also an article where I argue why it can be considered the greatest rap album ever made. The truth is that I believe that there a dozen GREATEST RAP ALBUMS EVER MADE, but The Chronic is undoubtedly one of them.

On the latest episode of our Earwolf podcast, Shots Fired, Nocando and I have Ben Westhoff and Marcel Carrion to discuss the album’s impact and the greatness of the “Deez Nuts” skit. In addition to being Nocando’s former partner in Customer Service, Marcel grew up banging in South Central so he had a particularly interesting perspective. The episode description is below the jump.

MP3: Shots Fired Episode 7 – The Dub Anniversary of The Chronic

Ben Westhoff (LA Weekly Music Editor) and rapper Marcel Carrion join MC Nocando & Jeff Weiss to celebrate the dub anniversary of the classic West-Coast album The Chronic. The guys discuss what the album means to them, the cultural impact it had on fashion, and the never ending quotable lines such as that “Deeez Nuuuts.” They also talk about the iconic ”Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” video, how the album captured the reality of L.A. after the riots, and why some people still don’t like it.

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