I am mainly posting this Thom Yorke Dazed Digital Mix for the opportunity to troll everyone with a shot of the Radiohead frontman’s pores. This is indie rock journalism, circa 2013. You must click. As for the mix, it is solid but unremarkable. I’m posting it because I find it an interesting look at the evolution of Yorke, a guy who shifts with each shipment from Beat Port. Two years ago, his sound was sculpted by the stuff coming out of the Low End Theory. Judging from this mix, he’s gone in a more minimal techno direction, shades of Vladislav Delay or Pantha Du Prince. There is also a heavy Krautrock vibe. If I were a paparazzi, I would probably look for him in Berlin.

The tracklist is below the jump and is comprised mainly of new remixes and sketches of Atoms for Peace songs. Plus, a song from Mali because Yorke gets down like that. You’ve seen his dance videos. You know what I’m talking about.


 Stream: (Via The Smoking Section by way of Dazed Digital)


Cycles MK 3 – Thom Yorke
You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry (unfinished mix) – Atoms For Peace
Mali: Kono, the Sacred Bird – Mali Musicians
Proud Evolution (Thom York 500quid rmx) – Liars
I Don’t Need An Excuse (unfinished) – Thom Yorke
Bloom (treatments) – Radiohead
Morning Shiver Down The Back Wood River – Anstam
Give Up The Ghost (Thom Yorke rmx) – Radiohead
The Grind – Average Joe vs Unless – Atoms For Peace

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