February 12, 2013

Few names come as fitting as Classixx. Their latest single “Holding On” would be as dance-floor detonating in ’91 as it would in ’78 as it would in 2013. House music has staged a resurgence since dubstep drowned in a mound of molly and Classixx is one of the leaders of LA’s scene — alongside whatever 100 % Silk is releasing this week. The drums thwack in 4/4 time, the bass line is fat enough to have been fed fried twinkies and a headless voice chants “I’ve been holding on and I can’t take it.” It’s the only element of melancholy to this track. When I hear it I want to purchase my own private discotheque, import a metric ton of moon rocks, and invite a thousand of my most entertaining affiliates over to party for 5 straight days. When it’s over, I want to then sail off the coast of California, all the way to the Maluku Islands. It will be glorious. Instead, I’ll just play it on repeat at my apartment and make my cat and dog have a dance party with each other. Holding on to sanity is difficult when you write for a living. Thankfully, we have tracks like this.

Stream it below the jump. Their debut album, Hanging Gardens, drops on May 14 on Innovative Leisure.

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