In which Odd Future reaches that bizarre nexus where the Internet is completely over them but they can rack up a quarter million YouTube hits before you can say “Fookie Bookie.” Shades of Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady” in the pro wrestler/superheroish conceit and rapid-fire rappity raps. The question raised: Are we getting to the point where the music is pretty much advertisements for Loiter Squad? Maybe.

There is also the fact that Tyler is pretty great at rapping when he wants to be (see also: “Yonkers” “Goblins Vs. Martians Vs. Lil Wayne’s Skateboard“) His beat is very cool too in a Hit Boy is trying to make his “A Milli” way. Even though Hit Boy already did and it was called “Backseat Freestyle.”

The lyrics are what you’ve already heard from OF and I hope they’re not getting to that late Shady point where he rehashed controversies that people had been over for years (Pitchfork Fest protesters? Fuck that.) Still, the video is very funny and more rappers should take themselves this seriously. Which is to say, not at all. Also, a Tame Impala shout out. The real winner is the white guy in Odd Future. Not only did he get his face on the Volume 2 album cover, he’s getting name-dropped on songs. This is the best gig for a “What Does He Actually Do” guy since Turtle got to date Meadow Soprano.

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