February 19, 2013

If you want to assess the evolution of the Wayniac contrast his newest “900” with the beats on his formal debut, Bowser.  The latter was recorded when he was still a teen and rode the wave of 8-bit flips and Mario Bros. slaps. It hit hard but there was little dynamics. What the descendent of the Civil War general has learned over the past few years is to channel his emotion into the music. Cliche, right? But true in this case. There is a patience and fragility to the keyboard lines that balance the the kick-drum rumbles and glove-slapping snares. There’s tension and release when the coda comes in at the 2:25 mark, but no drops, no superfluous motion, just negative space and the 900. There’s enough room left to interpret the meaning. It’s porcelain but hits hardest. This is like when you defeat the evil giant lizard at the end of the game and collapse from exhaustion.

Below the jump, a Soundcloud guide to Wayne’s recent Party Times. Excellent.

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