February 20, 2013

Several years ago, I was half-convinced that 90s babies would never come close to rapping as well as 70s and 80s babies. At the time, Soulja Boy, Jibbs, and Mims seemed more like standard-bearers than an aberration brought on by industry turmoil, ring-tone rap’s rise, and a cyclical ebb. Jerkin’ produced a lot of songs that I still un-ironically enjoy, but it wasn’t like any of the skinny jeaned gentry could rap their way out of a wet paper bag.

That was myopic. The last few years have done everything imaginable to convince me that kids barely old enough to drive cars can rap as well as anyone during the Golden Age. Maybe there is no new Nas, but Earl Sweatshirt is closer than we ever could have expected — even if he’s more influenced by Doom. This is Comme de Kid, who is 16, from St. Petersburg Florida and flows with more confidence and charisma that a kid who was born in 1996 has any right to do. 1996. That is insane. He runs with Chester Watson and the Nu Age Crew, who you might recall from “Phantom.”, I’m not sure how you could forget. These kids don’t dissuade me that American society isn’t amidst anomic decay , but at least we might have a good soundtrack. At the very least, it is the best time for teen rappers since Treach was writing “Crewz Pop” for Da Youngstas.

This track is taken from Comme’s tape from last year when he was rapping as Kid Mike. The name change was a wise move. They’re onto something.

ZIP: Kid Mike – Kid Talk (Left-Click)

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