“Modernity.” Defined by posting a new old demo of a Nina Simone song on a website and then following it up with a song by a rapper named D-Lo whose Twitter name is “Mr. No Ho.” Maybe a more accurate definition is reading your Facebook feed and seeing a mayonnaise-white 25-year old girl with an MFA in poetry from Cal Arts write a paean to the merits of “Get Her Tho,” expressing her burning desire to quote every line of the song but admitting that she lives in fear of having her feminist pass revoked. 20 minutes after her initial post, she opted to delete it, returning to various celebrations of Elizabeth Wurzel books and goldfish crackers. That was about an hour ago.

Such is the power of the ratchet wave at this second. Let’s not delude ourselves ourselves. League of Starz who made this beat and “Function” and “Faded,” are pretty much working within the same formulaic confines as DJ Mustard. These are A-B-C my first xylophone and 808s beats, but they are ruthlessly efficient. The video for “Get Her Tho” dropped last November during the dawn of list season, thus almost no one wrote about it. I’m not sure if anyone would have even if they weren’t distracted. But market forces have allowed it to crack rotation at Power 106 and it has racked up three quarters of a million views on YouTube, so it has the makings of a real hit. I too am a sucker for every one of these songs even if they are on some “Blue Steel” shit. It’s the same look and there is no softer catalogue side. Tyga continues to be the Mase of his generation. That is a compliment.

MP3 below the jump.

MP3: D-Lo ft. Tyga – “Get Her Tho”

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