Has this ever happened in rap history? Has there ever been a remix to a major hit single where they dry-erased all verses from the original rapper himself? Is this merely a sign of defeat? An acknowledgement that Trinidad James would get “1 Trained” alongside Tip, Jeezy and Tity? Or this just a ploy to get my sympathies as the only way I can appreciate this song is without the pyrite God’s raps?

In other news, I have fully come around on 2 Chainz to the point where I enjoy every one of his guest spots.  I’m admittedly 18 months late, but I needed my brain to formulate a proper analogy (read: formal excuse), which didn’t happen until a few weeks ago. Tauheed reminds me of a Southern RZA circa the “Glock-O-Pop” era where he would spit the most outlandish cartoonish raps and never fail to crack me up. They’re also built the same and roughly the same age. All he needs is a fake radio show with female callers calling on air to request “I’m Diff’rent.” Even if you don’t want to, you have to salute this man.


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