February 28, 2013

Jonah Bromwich rocks a TsuRag

This new Durag Dynasty cut  (the group encompasses Planet Asia, Tristate and Killer Ben) is about as California as rap singles come. There’s a psychedelic cowboy beat courtesy of the Alchemist and there’s ever-slept on Evidence, who still brings the assured slow-flow and is “still a fucking winner with no feelings.”

Alchemist is nothing if not a force for good.  He eschews what’s in vogue in favor of what’s got soul.  That’s not to say I don’t love all this soupy Clams meets TNGHT meets aughties R&B beats we have going on right now.  It’s just that I could use some variety in my underground-rap diet.  And relying on clarity, well-picked samples, and traditional mixing keeps everything that the Alchemist produces sounding fresh.  Which is to say, that, because he’s producing the entirety of this Durag Dynasty debut, 360 Waves, the album is bound to be one of the best straight-up, slept-on projects of the year.  That’s how it was with No Idols.  That’s how it was with Russian Roulette.  And that’s likely to happen here.

Also, whomever designed the art for this single is a king amongst kings.

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