This was an inevitability. When rap routed its course into the world of the ratchet, it was only inevitable that R&B would soon follow. TY$ might have been the first to elucidate the capitalist and racial draft hierarchy of his cabana, but it was a matter of course that Mustard would uh, start spreading (sorry).

Tee Flii is an R&B singer from LA, who despite his Samoan-sounding name, is lamentably not related to anyone in the Boo-Yaa Tribe. However, he sings like he has had Kellz and Dream on repeat for the last few years. This is a good thing. Miguel and Frank Ocean are excellent and hark back to the golden age of soul music, but I am also interested in people who channel the golden age of the diary of the mad band. R&B needed more singers capable of doing copious amounts of drugs, trashing hotel rooms, and exhibiting Heisenberg-bad behavior. Other than vocal timbre, there is nothing sweet about Tee Flii’s mixtape. Songs include “Girl Strip,” “Nasty,” “Ratchet,” “This Dick,” Fuck’N in the Function,” and “Groupies.” Guest spots include LA underground street rap kings, Problem, Skeme, and Nipsey Hussle. DJ Mustard produces a pair of tracks, which might be my favorites, because no one is making more sinister and raunchy party music at this minute. If you wanted to know what The-Dream would sound like crossed with Y.G., you will probably love this tape.

The mixtape is below the jump. You will not get any viruses from downloading it, which is impressive, I think.

MP3: Tee Flii – “Celebrate” (prod. by DJ Mustard)
MP3: Tee Flii – “This Dick” (prod. by DJ Mustard)

ZIP: Tee Flii – AnnieRuo’Tay (Left-Click)

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