Slick Rick invented swag. That’s what Domo Genesis claimed when I interviewed him in 2011. And if Ricky Walters survived into a generation of kids conceived around the time The Show was filmed, that’s the true test of longevity. You can still see the DNA of Uncle Ricky in the weird accents, gold chains, and oversized personas of practically every modern artist. That’s not to say that he was alone, but no one did it better. Most old-school stories sound corny after two decades, Rick’s remain funny. There’s a reason why everyone from Mos Def, Snoop, and Outkast all bore his influence. That’s East, West and South. Unlike many of his peers, Rick never seemed beholden to any sort of regionalism. He was of Jamaican-descent, British-born, New York-raised, and always ready to party. What other rapper could write songs about sleazy gynecologists and turn around almost 20 years later and write scathing critiques of the Iraq. The Ravishing one, the ruler.

Props due to Southern Hospitality for this excellent mix. Stream and download link below the jump.

ZIP: Slick Rick — Southern Hospitality’s Twelve 12’s Mix (Left-Click)

Twelve 12's Live Vinyl Mix: 47 – Jimmy Plates – Slick Rick special! by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud

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