March 19, 2013

Slava P is suddenly thirsty for a Bud Light Platinum.

Pusher Love Girl
Melodious croons
about various vices
and chunky loving

Suit & Tie
Luxury, focus-
group rap. Done in a trendy,
catchy, falsetto

Don’t Hold The Wall
A call to dance with
Timbo making Timbo beats;
lazy songwriting

Strawberry bubblegum
A romanticized
theme of vaginal-centric
metaphors, candy.

Tunnel Vision
A string crescendo
mixed with tired beat-boxing.
Three minutes too long

Spaceship Coupe
Unless it’s Pluto,
save your space analogies.
Sounds like ‘The Jetsons’

That Girl
Forcefully olde-school;
detailing the process of
stealing a daughter

Let The Groove Get In
Bollywood samples
transition into glam-pop.
Cross-tiered marketing!

Cantabile hums
about loving a mirror.
Wait a second, what?

Blue Ocean Floor
whisper-arias about
being Frank Ocean

Body Count
Do you remember
Senorita? It’s sped up.
And there’s more rapping.

Dress On
Timberland rapping:
fortunately portioned to
Target customers.

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