March 25, 2013

Don’t ask me what to make of this. This video from Blocboi Fame falls into the category of confusion. Maybe it’s because I’ve never ridden a fixed gear bike or maybe because I have no tattoos, but as a statement on the blurred lines in Los Angeles, 2013, it’s about as good an example as you’ll find. We went from 64 Chevy’s with hydraulics to Escalades to skinny jeans and now there is the fixie fad. That said, riding around and getting it on your Schwinn is the original O.G. move. Word to Deebo. If you have never bought drugs from a man on a bike, I distrust your definition of buying drugs.

To recap, this is snarling anti-social rap by a tatted up dude riding on his bike, being blown up on Twitter and drinking mini bottles of liquor and chucking them into the street. He refers to himself as Fixie Montana. It has over 50,000 views, which seem to be organic. Either way, this has the potential to the biggest rap video of all-time among the Echo Park Hypebeards. I thought you should know.

Blocboi’s video for “Magic Pills” is below the jump, which sort of reminds me of 2010 Wiz Khalifa making Oxy Music.

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