March 28, 2013

There are savvy ways to get Internet attention. The most obvious and deceptively difficult route is to make a viral video. This can take you from 0 to 6,000,000 views in six days flat and get you a career quicker than you can say OK Go. You can go the tired and true option of fucking for A-list producer’s tracks. You can hire an expensive publicist. Or you can be like SZA and make gauzy trip-hoppy jams under an alias inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan. Credit due to the honorable Gorilla for first putting me up on the St. Louis singer crooning over beats from Low End Theory producer Dot and Brandun Deshay.

The operative subjects are elemental. Sleep, ice, moons, fairy tales, beds. The sound is dreamy and faraway. Hazy and high bedroom music that manages to draw you in while keeping you at a distance. An angel on her shoulder, a devil in her head. Recommended for anyone who likes Blue Raspberry, Portishead, Georgia O’ Keefe, Little Dragon, Badu, and SBTRKT. This is excellent stuff. The Wu could use a new hook woman right about now. If Tekitha isn’t available, you know who to call.

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