MobbDeen: Snapbacks & Snapchats — Tyler, the Creator’s “Wolf”

After the fiasco that is Wale, Deen had to throw his allegiance to some other rapper of Nigerian descent. Some of the more perceptive among you may have noticed that I don’t sleep much. I spend...
By    March 29, 2013

After the fiasco that is Wale, Deen had to throw his allegiance to some other rapper of Nigerian descent.

Some of the more perceptive among you may have noticed that I don’t sleep much. I spend a lotta late hours deciding what pron to fap to and listening to music like some sorta creep. The one good side effect of this horrible habit is that I tend to write a bit when I have two hands free. So we all win. Kinda.

I was listening to the new Tyler, the Creator album the other night/morning and I just so happened to be texting with a “friend.” In the cold light of the morning sun, I came to the conclusion that it was a conversation worth sharing. At least once I’d scrubbed it free of most of the filth – if you know what I mean (insert corny wink). For a bit of context, I never really hopped on the OFWGOB4CL bandwangon – probably because I’m too old and I like melody in my shit. But I pay attention to everything and I’ll even listen to shit I expect to hate – just because I care that much. Earl Sweatshirt and Domo Genesis have definitely impressed me in small doses, but I found Tyler’s retail debut thoroughly disappointing, so I didn’t have high hopes for this shit.

Oh and sorry about busting out the bullet points/conversation conceit again. I’ve been busy and I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I texted my homie Keef, but he said he was about to go eat some snowbunny pussy and that I should try warm milk instead of bothering him. What an asshole.

  • Deen: I’m tucked in listening to what sounds like a much improved Tyler,the Creator album. I’m at least going to stay up and listen to this shit until Nas shows up. The folks on Twitter say he’s somewhere on the album.
  • Friend: I’m already past that and Pharrell just snuck on to the album sounding all good and sweet. Now I’m happy about him again.
  • D: Ha! Nas didn’t sound sweet n’shit, but he kinda did his thing. Basically, it’s sounding as if Tyler grew up a bit and learned about melody while maintaining his sense of humor. I like this album. There are a few dead/redundant spots, but it’s really good. Like a quantum leap over that awful ‘Goblin‘ shit.
  • F: Yadda, yadda, yadda, lol. Awwww, Tyler’s growing up right before your eyes.
  • D: I think I can honestly state that I’m becoming a fan at this very instant. He’s still very – or actually, he might be even more indebted to Pharrell on this shit than on any of his other projects. This is a good thing.
  • F:That influence may never dwindle down to a miniscule amount in his music. I don’t see it happening for at least 2 to 3 more projects. I’ll be shocked if it ever dampens down – but you never know.
  • D: Yup. It’s still pretty heavy. I think it’ll be a while. Oh wait, speaking of dampening, Falsetto P just came on. I think my pussy is wet. Pause? But back to Tyler’s Pharrell influence, maybe he’ll discover some Nigerian music to replace that with if he ever gets his dad to answer the phone?
  • F: LOL. He’d better not call that nigga anymore.
  • D: Lol. Phone service is awful in Nigeria. Trust me. That deadbeat nigga will always have an excuse not to answer Tyler’s calls. I empathize with his frustration over his lack of facial hair though. I’m living that struggle.
  • F: Artist gotta EDIT! This shit would be so much better with about 5 to 6 less songs. Is there ANY album in ANY genre, 18 or more songs long with all the songs being essential?
  • D: I dunno. Can’t really think of any. I suppose in rap one could make a case for that Sticky Fingaz concept album or some of De La Soul or Masta Ace’s shit. But that’s reaching. I bet if we took this query to Twitter we’d have niggas talking about OB4CL, College Dropout, Get Rich Or Die Trying & Capital Punishment. Secret: nobody needs to hear ALL that shit.
  • F: Yeah, all those skits? Nah. You could say they were essential then because they were novelties at the time, but that’s a reach. I’d spring for The Clash’s ‘London Calling‘ or The Stones’ ‘Exile On Main Street’. Maybe.
  • D: I’m not even going to try other genres right now. But I know this Tyler album is too long. It’s still good though. This ‘Rusty’ track is kinda amazing.
  • F: You know what’s making me a little sad though? I love Ms. Badu – I really do. I’ve given her good chunks of my money over time, but Coco’s (from Quadron/Boom Clap Bachelors) voice is so *swoon* and Erykah comes in and I’m like “Wait… noooooo! Not now bitch!”
  • D: LOL. I’m not there yet. I think I’m running ‘Rusty’ back again. This shit goes hella hoard homie!
  • F: I just adore Coco and now I intend to spend the next 20 mins imagining her singing the Yellow Book to me just to tide me over. Again, ARTISTS GOTTA EDIT.
  • D: Ha. I’m not as enamored with Coco as you are, but that track is really smooth. She definitely be SANGIN’. Dunno about Tyler sorta duetting with her. His voice is not about that singing shit at all. By the way, there’s a ton of Eminem on this, but that’s stating the obvious – right?
  • F: YUP. I give Tyler a pass for that because his “big people” (influences) are the same as my big people – Eminem and Pharrell/The Neptunes and he executes well enough. So I rock with him. If I happened to rap and produce, I suspect that my sound, tone and flow would sound a lot like Tyler’s.
  • D: You’re really only giving him a pass because neither of you can twerk. But I see what you’re saying.
  • F: Ha! You’ve never been more right about anything in your entire Popeye’s eating, condom leaving, coon-ass life.
  • D: Looooooooool. Coon Gawd so perceptive. My last criticism is the Childish Gambinoesque aside that starts ‘Trashwang’. Take that racial insecurity elsewhere and make a better twerkworthy track my nigga. Then niggas will fuck with you. Simple.
  • F: I thought you liked this album?
  • D: Yeah, I do. I’m just being nitpicky at this point. Tyler did good. I’m happy for him. And for rap. I’m impressed and I’m a fan now. Oh and ‘Stankonia‘ is my pick for an album with over 18 essential tracks. But’s that’s another conversation.
  • F: ‘Wolf’ is a good album, but I wanna go listen to that Jeremih ‘Fuck You All The Time’ track again.
  • D: LOL. Aight. Let’s end this chat right here…

So there you have it. Tyler made a dope album and converted this skeptic. Good shit. Sorry about the relative lack of specific details about the album – said details were all attached to really filthy snippets of conversation (insert corny shrug). Thanks to my friend for letting me write this shit up. And for a buncha other shit I shouldn’t even reference in this sentence. What’s wrong with me?


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