April 10, 2013

Chance the Rapper and Hannibal Burress go full Brewster’s Millions with $5K and opt for the finer things in life: fake flowers, Shakey’s Pizza and dressing with/like 2 CHAAAAINNZ. If you’re going to go the positive post-based route, Chance has it figured out. Riff on the Mos Def sample with the Q-Tip hook and affect a Jamaican accent. Between Gates and Chance, I fully endorse the return to the Mad Cobra and Super Cat style. I also endorse the willingness to make fun of yourself and dress like a furry. The dance party in front of Grauman’s Chinese is very legendary. I am very much looking forward to Acid Rap.

ZIP: Chance the Rapper – 10 Day Official (Left-Click)

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