These are the basics: Paul Preston (PBDY) was born and raised in Long Island. He moved to Phoenix as a teenager. He wound up in LA. He rolls with Brainfeeder. He shares a house at the edge of a cliff with the Gaslamp Killer and several others. He makes the sort of mixes that you’d expect from someone inducted into the greater Flying Lotus Family. This one is built for late nights and lucid dreams, Sativa hazes and dimly recalled memories. It has Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland and screwed versions of Tela songs; BEAK> and FlyLo. I asked him to describe what mood he was trying to create. This was the reply:

“This was a journey mix–to to take you somewhere, as well as take myself to a different place. My mixes are made for the purpose of just exploring and letting go. Just something from Point A to Point B.”

It’s excellent and sure, that’s the sort of thing you’re supposed to say when someone makes a mix for your website. But you should listen, because I’m telling you the truth. He plays next Wednesday at the Low End Theory. You understand. The tracklist and download link is below the jump

ZIP: Passion of the Weiss Mix Series – PBDY – And Then He Was Awakened (Left-Click)

1. John Cale – Living With You (Laurel Halo Remix)
2. Lurker of Chalice – Piercing Where They Might
3. Machinedrum – A New Meaning
4. Fyah Flames – What Would You Say About Me (Prod. By DJ High Waistline) (Instrumental Demo)
5. Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – 10
6. Mndsgn – not this ext
7. aeirs tv – work
8. RAJA – Over The Sky
9. Koen De Bruyne – Pathetic Dreams
10. Pro Era – School High
11. Nadus – Higher
12. Dean Blunt – Caught Feelings
13. Jo_Def – U_
14. James Blake Retrograde
15. Kid Cudi – Glory (Instrumental)
16. Inc. Seventeen
17. Brian Eno – Emerald And Lime
18. Flying Lotus – Tronix
19. King Felix – Spring 01
20. BEAK> – Mono
21. Tela – Twister (DJ Screw)
22. Chelsea Wolfe – Hyper Oz

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