The only way I can cope with the loss of the new KDAY is listening to Suga Free and the late Nate Dogg on loop. If anyone was going to get an old Nate hook, it should’ve been Free. Dre wasn’t going to do anything with it and Snoop is busy being the next Desmond Dekker. Or something. In a dream world, these two would’ve been able to do a record together. No pair was smoother while being more unsavory. Was there anyone on earth more capable of getting women to sing along to more misogynistic things than Nate? Is there any other more lovable but objectively bad person than Suga Free? This is a man whose career is predicated on pimping and yet I would donate to a Kickstarter to build a statue for this man. This is the sort of jam that they would play incessantly on Power 106 before it became Tyga swaddled. Now with KDAY gone it has no home — other than on the Internet, Spotify, Pandora, and your iPod. But still. This is one of the best songs of the year so far, because it has to be. Sing-a-long.

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