April 24, 2013

15 years later, Camp Lo still has yet to reunite with Ski and deliver the sequel to Uptown Saturday Night that will be only awaited by myself, Aesop Rock, Curren$y, Wale and Nate Jones. Is there any group in rap history with a better debut and a more anti-climactic decade and a half. That’s not to say that the Lo haven’t dropped good music in the last decade. I will still ride for Fort Apache. There just needs to be more.

There is no good reason why they couldn’t have just joined the Jets and resurrected their career a la Fiend. I demand more music to soundtrack the nights that I don’t have stealing jewels, sipping on thousand dollar bottles of champagne, and going to sleep on 10,000 thread count silk sheets. In the meantime, the Lo have broken down their writing style and slang to Decoded. “Coolie High” edition. Nah Right with the tip-off. Suede and Chiba with the stories to drive through the Holland Tunnel swerving. Original video below the jump. If you haven’t heard Uptown Saturday Night, you should listen to Uptown Saturday Night on a Wednesday.

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