If you want a 23-minute astral, creaking, fleet-fingered, set-the-controls-on-stun stick-up of psychedelic soul jazz, this is the best place to find it on the Internet today. Gaslamp Killer cutting up some of The Heliocentrics best tracks, plus some of the seeds of their inspiration. If you missed it, Nate Patrin dropped an excellent review of the group’s 13 Degrees of Reality, now out on Now-Again.

GLK’s note about the mix is below the jump, along with the mix itself. If you’re crowing about the salutary psychedelic benefits of Acid Rap and you aren’t into this, you need to consult a new street pharmacist.

MP3: Gaslamp Killer Vs. Heliocentrics Mix

GLK: In 2008 Jeff Jank asked me to make a Heliocentrics podcast for stones throw to help promote the guys 1st album. It was one of my most fun & unique mixes.

Here we are 5 years later in 2013 & again, I was asked to make a mix of some of the bands newest material from their superb album entitled “13 degrees of reality” that was just released & i was even granted access to some of the unreleased sessions that I had been hearing so much about for so many years from Egon.

It is an honor that I present this, (my newest mix) HELIO GLK to the world. My chopped up / re edited madness from the band they call The Heliocentrics!

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