May 8, 2013

I made light that Run the Jewels was the antithesis of the Clams Casino and MF Doom pairing. But that was hyperbole spurred by both tracks leaking the same day. This is the actual counterpoint. Blue Sky Black Death were doing cloud rap before it had a name. They are from Seattle where the sun only splinters through clouds 60 days a year. Cam’ron’s mind and outfits are sunny 365 days a year. But he’s been AWOL for too long. This might be my favorite Cam verse since the Killa Season era. Something about this beat made him write and that is why none of these fantasy rap collabos usually work.

If the sound isn’t right, the inspiration doesn’t follow. And then we wouldn’t have gotten the pleasure of hearing that Killa’s aura is contagious. This means the world to me. He also has very negative feelings towards Avis. Noreaga is here. His name is now Papi and he is hollering about foreigners, rather than Blue Sky Black Death having a cocker spaniel. They also have a guy named S.A.S. who holds his own, drawing inspiration largely from this clip.

In case you missed it, you should check out Cliff of Death, BSBD’s collaboration with Deniro Farrar from early this year. It also has a good aura.

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