June 10, 2013

What’s it about? Everything. Nothing’s for certain. Questions and negations offered by Paul White, who first attracted attention from the greater rap world by working with Danny Brown, but has been creating psychedelic sample collages since the later years of the last decade. Start with Sounds From The Skylight if you do not even know.

“Watch the Ants” has the mad scientist experimentation of eccentric 70s producers like Bruce Haack and Jean-Jacques Perrey, both lesser known but significant inspirations of Dilla. Obviously, White is influenced by the late Motown lion, but he’s done what good artists do and trace the influences back several generations. There are shades of children’s programs, library music, tribal drums, and straight up rap music embedded in a playful skein about bleary-eyed sailors smoking rope with knots at the end. The sort of head nod beat that your high school bio teacher  (or collegiate Moby Dick enthusiasts) could vibe to.

“Ants” are watched from White’s forthcoming July EP of the same name. White has stealthily been dropping a slew of beats on his Soundcloud page, which I am posting below the jump so we can all feel like more complete human beings on a Monday afternoon.

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