June 11, 2013


Gangsta Gibbs has laid low for most of the year. But as Chance the Rapper said, everyone dies in the summer, so it’s fitting that he’s returned to the warpath. MadGibbs is finished and ESGN is imminent. And on a day when Kendrick and Q drop one of the hardest songs of the year, Senor Cocaine Pinata returns to remind everyone that he is the best rapper on earth on any given day. I would argue that “187” is greater than “RIP” and probably as good as another esteemed “187.” Though this version can’t match the magnitude of Boosie and BG’s version, seeing as though it was recorded on the night of the murder that Boosie was tried for. You haven’t lived until you’ve heard a Boosie acapella played before a deadly silent Baton Rouge courtroom. It’s eerie.

The thing about a rapper like Gibbs is that he forces other rappers to step their games up. Think Alley Boy on “Rob Me a Nigga” or Spitta on “Scottie Pippens.” Problem delivers what might be his most nimble verse ever, matching Gibbs bar for bar — if that’s possible. You should also read this XXL interview where Gibbs fires shots at Jeezy because he might be the last completely fearless rapper.

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