juicy-j-bounce-it-480x400Deen remains trippy.

For those of you who’ve been paying attention, you’re aware that I’ve probably been listening to all things Freddie Gibbs. After all, he dropped 2 singles and a video in the last week or so. Oh and he decided to drop his album 3 weeks early once it leaked. But a few folks are capable of making me take a break from listening to that gangsta shit. One of them is the veritable Juicy J.

To paraphrase a tweet that annoyed me a few months ago, “I know you purist types claim that Juicy J has been dope forever, but I’d say he’s never been better than he is right now.” I won’t bother checking if that was more than 140 characters or not – not relevant to this discussion. But the point is that regardless of how you feel about the first half of that statement, the second half is probably right. Juicy’s style is naturally conducive to the sound of clubs and radio at the moment and that makes sense, given that he and DJ Paul are pretty fucking influential on today’s beatsmiths via their early Three 6 Mafia work.

At this juncture in time, it seems utterly effortless for Juicy J to churn out a hit – maybe not in the zeitgeist defining sense of ‘Bandz’ every time out, but a least a serious of good, raunchy and fun songs that’ll probably make a decent dent on the charts and a definite impact on clubs/radio. ‘Bounce It’ is just the latest one of the bunch and I bet he has 15 more stashed away for his upcoming album ‘Stay Trippy‘. Interestingly enough, this shit has quite a bit in common with ‘Bandz’ via the the rising synths that power the quieter parts of the song, as well as the subject matter, but that doesn’t really qualify as criticism. This is music designed to give women back, neck and knee problems. I really should have stuck with orthopedics. Regrets and all that.

I’d even argue that at this point, Juicy J is basically doing anyone he puts on a track a favor. Outside of Young Jeezy’s appearance on ‘Show Out’, every major Juicy J single is powered by the man himself. He’s essentially inviting folks on to his songs for their name recognition as opposed to any real artistic contributions. To wit, what does this song lose if you yank “Wale Tho” and his dated as sports reference off the middle verse? Nada, that’s what. Same applies to Trey Songz’s perfunctory ass half hook. Any number of random muthafuckas that can carry a tune could have handled that shit with ease. I don’t have anything against the outstanding gentlemen (LOL), but they can twat off.

So I guess what I think I’m saying is that I’d like to see Juicy J go for dolo once or twice before we get ‘Stay Trippy‘. I’m copping either way, but I’d hate for idiots to confuse him with a cypher like French Montana, but even that drunkard managed give us ‘Ain’t Worried About Nothing’. That said, I’ll give the whining a rest if ‘Ain’t No Coming Down’ ends up on ‘Stay Trippy’. I’m know for my ability to compromise. Just ask my hoes…

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